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Is your website accessible to all?

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Be inclusive to all visitors

As a business owner, you need to be aware about website accessibility.

Around 20% of the visitors to your website may suffer from some type of disability. This could be a physical disability, cognitive disability or sensory disability, as just a few examples.

While this number may not seem like a lot, it can add up to a very large number of visitors over the course of a year. How many visitors could your website be losing out on because it’s not accessible?

Choosing to make your website accessible to all means that you’re making the choice to be inclusive to your website visitors. You’re taking a stance to let every visitor know that they’re welcome and that your business is supportive to their needs.

Website accessibility is a growing legal requirement around the world. Governments and lawmakers are paying attention to the problems disabled users have with websites. Over time, more laws will come into place to help provide a better browsing experience for everyone.

Download our free guide and learn how you can start to make your website more accessible, providing a welcoming experience for every visitor.

    • Learn how assistive technology is crucial for users with visual impairments and how to test your own website
    • Find out the changes you can make to your images, helping blind or visually impaired users to easily understand the meaning and context
    • Discover the importance of the colors and fonts that you use on your website, and why these need to be accessible
    • Learn why video and audio on your website needs to have captions or transcripts available for disabled users
    • Understand why an overlay or tool won’t make your website accessible, as there’s no such thing as a one click solution to accessibility
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